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Staff Central is a legally constituted company for entrepreneurs and investors on both sides of the border Mexico – United States.

Staff Central provides comprehensive Human Capital to the maquiladora industry, trade and other productive sectors to whom we provide temporary and permanent workers.

We believe that among the most significant ways to impact a person’s life is to help them to achieve career success.
1. We believe a business’ success is a direct result of the excellence and dedication of the people they hire.
2. We seek to have a positive impact on the lives of the people and the businesses who we serve by bringing together employer and employee in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Thanks to the loyalty of our customers have grown our organization, which has enabled us to include more services to our range of services, which allows us to be able to provide services to companies in various productive drafts from around the world.

We are an organization that has people of various nationalities who are experienced professionals and who are commited.

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