Quality Policy

Our quality policy includes six pillars in our service strategy.

The Quality Policy of Central Staff is based on the following commitments:

1. – Achieving total customer satisfaction.
2. – Implementarion process is smooth and seamless.
3. – Permanently Consider the concepts of our mission, vision and values.
4. – Use all the technological, economic and human resources together to meet all service objectives.
5. – Follow all the process and places to achieve success
6. – Implement schemes to our customers feedback.

to achieve
• We are committed to comply with all legal processes and protocols that correspond to our activity

• We are committed to conducting our work within a management environment that ensures continuous improvement in our processes and in our methods of recruitment and in our relationships with our customers who are interested in productivity.

• We are committed to promote employment by conducting meetings and ongoing communication with our clients, institutions and all productive sectors.

• We are committed to effectively control all our processes, with particular emphasis on: efficiency and effectiveness of our systems, processes and services, relationships with our users, control of information and protection of the same

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